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Parenthood Decision Making

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Parenthood can now be a conscious choice, theoretically at least, to be actively pursued or avoided with the assistance of medical technology. This ability to make a choice is a relatively new experience.


There is increasing accessibility to, and advertising of reproductive technologies for people with fertility issues. Meanwhile, there is also a small, but growing proportion of people who actively choose not to become parents. 

The decision to become a parent or not is deeply personal with many factors to be considered, including social and cultural ones. People have strong opinions on it and it can be difficult if you feel uncertain.

Factors to be considered can include:

  • Age

  • Relationship Status

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Career

  • Lifestyle

  • Maternal Desire

  • Support Networks

Decisions to be made can include:

  • Whether or not to have children

  • If yes, when and how many

  • If no, how to plan your life around this, including dealing with other people’s reactions.

I will provide the time, space and objective perspective to help you work through these issues and make the decision that is right for you.

I meet individuals and couples on this topic. I am currently only providing online sessions. 

Please visit for full information on the service I provide in this area.

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